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Hampstead Apartment

The gravity of objects simply defining space

The original brief for this overall flat refurbishment called for a new home with clean lines and simplicity, instilling calmness. The owners understood design and style and are well travelled. Having visited their previous home many times I identified their love for design, art and ‘being creative’. What struck me at first were all these beautifully made sculptures by the wife, shyly placed throughout the apartment.

I saw the new flat as an opportunity to ‘spring clean’ and dust off all these items and let them confidently present themselves. In addition I asked myself the question if a gallery can be domesticated. After careful analysis of the existing flat I decided to spatially redefine the flat by means of inserting gravity objects that has presence. This started to define the gallery in which the client was to display. A variety of materials were carefully selected to complement this, as well as to instil warmth and calmness.

These same principles where carried through into our design of the fully bespoke kitchen for which we won the DKB Design Award for being the Most Luxurious. The irony in this was that the true monetary value of this kitchen will probably the least of the category for which is was entered. The judges recognised this in given the award, which goes to show that beautiful design to is not always about what money can buy.





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DKB Kitchen

2012 - 2013



London, UK



DreamTeam Ltd

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