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Basil Street

Finding Space; Making Space

The apartment last went through a comprehensive refurbishment almost 20yrs ago. The client and his family visit London frequently and they are a ‘family’ family who likes spending time together. As new grandparents the apartment also had to get a new lease of life.

The brief presented particular challenges, especially in terms of providing each bedroom with its own en-suite (whilst maintaining the number of bedrooms) as well as trying accommodate internal air-conditioning system. All this had to be done without compromising the available space. In addition the husband and wife had different stylistic taste, with the former being more classical, and the latter more modern eclectic.

Through the analysis of the existing flat we decided that the entire bedroom wing of the flat should be re-organised in order to make the space more efficient. Two linear objects either side of the corridor would become the zones in which generally the new en-suites and storage would be locate, as well as accommodating the supply of the conditioned air.

In order to give more presence of space throughout the flat, doors have been made full height floor to ceiling, and mirrors has been carefully place to amplify space, as well given the illusion in parts that the space extends beyond the object elements, also making them appear as if they are freestanding, as if inserted into a bigger space.

In terms of the interior detailing there is a careful balance between the classic, modern and eclectic, with outer walls generally receiving a more classical treatment, in keeping with the period appearance of the building, whereas contemporary space defining objects, appearing as they have been ‘placed’ within this historic context. This style was rounded of by the wife eclectic taste in furniture and decoration.





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2014 - 2015



London, UK



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