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Sierra House

As the name alludes, this house adopted its nickname from the destinct shape of its roof, 'Sierra' meaning both 'saw' and 'mountain range' in Spanish. The shape is a simplified derivation from the spatial programme requirements internally, to disguise the external machinary, as well as to provide an inclined surface for the mounting of solar panels.

Being a a narrow 6m wide site, most was made to increase the perveiced internal scale of the house by maximising ceiling heights were possible, without the strictly prescribed volumetric parameters set by the planning department, and allowing natural light to enter the property, considering its narrow south facade.

Thouse is carefeully cradled within exposed concrete party walls, floating over a defined plinth, which allows the house to claim its space, amongst new houses still to be built either side.

The constrasting materials of stone and concrete signifise its location on the edge where Madrid, the urban city, connects with the 'Sierras de Madrid' (Mountains of Madrid)




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2016 -


Steyn Studio

Madrid, Spain



Roberto Rapino

A6 Ingenieria

A6 Ingenieria