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Bosjes Kombuis

‘Simplicity | Homage | Respectful | Background’

The client’s initial brief was to dismantle an existing industrial farm shed located on the farm, relocate and use it for a new Tasting/Function Hall and Small Maturation Cellar where the client intends to mature his own boutique blended wines. The brief developed into a Tasting/Function hall which has got permanent seating for about 50 people and core facilities (kitchen, wc’s) to allow for functions up to 150 people. The additional people is to be accommodated in a temporary in Nomadic Freeform Tent which will attach to the Tasting Hall.

The formal concept reflects the formal simplicity of historical Cape Dutch House and it’s outbuildings, with the scale, height and length replicating that to the of the Manor House.

The form is an open ended extruded gable profile which ‘aims’ views to the valley below and he mountains above.

It stands on the same location as a 1980’s spec house, situated to the NW of the Cape Dutch manor house and completes the NW end of a ‘werf’. The proximity of the new Tasting Hall to the Manor house is such as to not compete with the Architecture of the Cape Dutch Manor House.

The materials proposed are a combination of stone, concrete, glass and wood, which aims to, in contrast with the Manor House, blend the building more with the surrounding landscape. The use of concrete as a plinth juxtaposes more natural elements with a more industrial approach of winemaking.

The layout is very simple with the tasting hall (voorsaal) located at ground floor level and some storage facilities, kitchen and services clipping on the the main building, forming a traditional H-layout.




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2011 - 2016


STEYN studio

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